We welcome Ambal Auto as our Title Sponsor. OOTYULTRA will be driven by Ambal Auto. The 8th edition of OOTYULTRA will be held on 6-Apr-2025, Sunday. Registrations will open on 31-Oct-2024. Your qualification window for the 90k, 60k & 30k categories starts from 1-Jul-2024 onwards. KaysFIT Academy pledges Rs. 1,50,000 for building a play park at the Kenthorai Village. The total project cost is approximately 6,00,000; it will be executed with the help of ROTARY OOTACAMUND. OOTYULTRA 2024 results & photographs are now available.

8th Edition, Become #ultramalaivasi

Ambal Auto OOTYULTRA | 6-Apr-25 | SUN

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Gurmeet Soni is an accomplished endurance runner with nearly a decade of running several half and full marathons. Gurmeet is a Bangalore based Pediatric Doctor and a trained Allergist who took to running in 2009 with a 10K run at the Sunfeast World 10k event in Bangalore. After a few half-marathon events she graduated to running the full 42.2Km distance.

Her debut full marathon is unique in that it was along the original legendary route in Greece from Marathon to Athens and which forms the basis for the modern marathon event. Since then she has run many events in both India and abroad including Berlin, Dubai, Athens, and Prague.

Gurmeet started running Ultra events in 2014 with a 50K debut at the Hennur Bamboo Forest. She got bit by the Comrades bug last year and has registered for 2018 Comrades Down run.

Faced with the challenge of a long-distance and a very tough elevation profile, Gurmeet has adapted her training to focus on endurance and by doing simulation runs on the hills such as Yercaud and at OOTYULTRA to prepare herself for the Comrades event.

Gurmeet trains regularly with a Bangalore based Running group. Besides putting in heavy-duty mileage on a weekly basis, she follows an intensive strengthening and conditioning regime while maintaining the focus on taking in the right levels of nutrition. Her cross-training routine includes swimming, pool running, and Yoga. She has also been slowly building up the amount of time she spends on a run to condition the body for an 11-12 hour event like the Comrades.

The OOTYULTRA run will be her last longest training run prior to Comrades 2018. We wish her all the best in her Comrades experience and for her future running endeavours

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