Run the 6th edition of OOTYULTRA 2023; registration is open now, early bird discount till 31-Dec-2022 Tamil Nadu Tourism and TTDC are the Tourism Parnters to OOTYULTRA

6th Edition



Tamil Nadu Tourism

OOTYULTRA has achieved a significant milestone by having Tamil Nadu Tourism onboard as our Tourism Partner. The support of Tamil Nadu Tourism along with Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) is something I deeply value because it improves the (#ultramalaivasi) experience of all the runners, sponsors, partners, volunteers, and, notably, the local community.

Tamil Nadu is a state of varied wonders from the Coromandel Coast to the Western Ghats. Having been born and raised in Ooty, I’ve always desired to share the wonders I was so used to throughout my childhood with the world. Now, as an ultrarunner, coach and race director, OOTYULTRA holds a special place in my heart because it combines a challenging ultramarathon course and all of the elements that make Ooty the charming town is.

KaysFIT Academy, through this partnership with Tamil Nadu Tourism & TTDC, will explore many ideas for how our partnership can grow to benefit the experience of runners and tourism in the Nilgiris.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can plan your stay at the TTDC Hotel and Youth Hostel in Ooty.

Cheers & happy running!

Coach Kay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra,