Run the 6th edition of OOTYULTRA 2023; registration is open now, early bird discount till 31-Dec-2022 Tamil Nadu Tourism and TTDC are the Tourism Parnters to OOTYULTRA

6th Edition




The sixth edition of OOTYULTRA 2023 is scheduled for 2-Apr-2023, Sunday – registration is open now!

Dear OOTYULTRA runner!

OOTYULTRA originally started as a training run for a few aspiring Comrades ultra-marathon runners in Ooty. Over the years, it has been growing as one of the most beautiful running events providing runners with a challenging yet memorable racing experience.

Since its first edition, OOTYULTRA has been loved by recreational runners and serious ultramarathoners for its uniqueness and has grown in multiple folds. OOTYULTRA also promotes marathon tourism and supports key causes in the most enchanting Nilgiris District.

Our crew and volunteers strive to provide a “safe” and a “wow” experience to the runners while simultaneously offering the best value for the association to sponsors & partners.

Up for a challenge? Whether running the 90k, 60k, 30k or 15k, OOTYULTRA is for everyone! 

Happy running & training for your #ultramalaivasi experience!

– Coach Kay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA

Important Dates

2-Apr-23, SunOOTYULTRA Race Day
1-Apr-23, Sat#ultramalaivasi expo
10-Mar-23, Fri
Ticket Transfer Window (TTW), Last Day
Your tickets can be upgraded, downgraded or transferred to another qualified runner
1-Mar-23 to 10-Mar-23Charity Tickets Window
28-Feb-23, Tue
OOTYULTRA Registration, Last Day
Qualification Window (QW), Last Day
Your qualification race information must be submitted before this date if you are a 60k or 30k runner
31-Dec-22, SatEarly Bird Offer Ends


  • Choose your event category correctly.  To help you understand the OOTYULTRA race, we have published supporting information on each of the race category pages –> 90k | 60k | 30k | 15k.
  • If you are a OOTYULTRA 60k or 30k runner you must submit your qualification race details within the Qualification Window.
  • Read and understand the event rules carefully.  Your entry ticket is non-refundable.
  • The last date of registration will be 28-Feb-2023 or whenever the maximum event capacity will be reached.
  • Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to receive the latest updates regarding OOTYULTRA.
  • Write to if you have any questions.  Optionally you can click the Messenger Icon on this page to chat with us.

Special Offers

Group Discounts

  • Avail a flat Rs. 75 off for groups between 10-14 runners
  • Avail a flat Rs. 100 off / ticket for groups between 15-19 runners
  • Avail a flat Rs. 125 off / ticket for groups 20 and above runners

Send an email to mentioning your Group Name and the number of tickets in each distance category. 

Group discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

Did you run the Malnad Ultra 2022?

Congratulations on your finish!

So… what’s the #ultramalaivasi reward for your performance?

  • Get a flat Rs. 200/- cash refund if you submit your Malnad Ultra finish as a qualification for your OOTYULTRA 2023, 30k, 60k and 90k registrations.
  • Malnad Ultra 30k finish
    • is a valid qualification for OOTYULTRA 30k
      • even if you have DNF’d at the finish + you must submit your GPS records
    • in sub 4 hrs 30 min is a valid qualification for OOTYULTRA 60k.
  • Malnad Ultra 50k finish
    • is a valid qualification for OOTYULTRA 60k
      • even if you have DNF’d at the finish + you must submit your GPS records
  • Malnad Ultra 100k
    • finish under 14 hrs is a valid qualification for OOTYULTRA 90k  
  • Email with your Malnad Ultra finish records if you have already registered for OOTYULTRA 2023

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and is valid for 90k, 60k & 30k category tickets purchased before 31-Dec-2022

Registration Fees

Indian Citizens (Rs. 500/- off on all tickets till 31-Dec-2022)Rs. 5000/- Rs. 4500/-Rs. 3500/- Rs. 3000/-Rs. 2800/- Rs. 2300/-Rs. 2300/- Rs. 1800/-
Nilgiris District ResidentsRs. 4000/-Rs. 2700/-Rs. 2000/-Rs. 1500/-
Charity tickets (15-Feb to 28-Feb)Rs. 5500/-Rs. 4000/-Rs. 3300/-Rs. 2800/-
Foreign CitizensRs. 5500/-Rs. 4000/-Rs. 3300/-Rs. 2800/-

18% GST extra + applicable card & platform charges

Check them out! Customized coaching packages Customized coaching packages available for OOTYULTRA runners