We welcome Ambal Auto as our Title Sponsor. OOTYULTRA will be driven by Ambal Auto. The 8th edition of OOTYULTRA will be held on 6-Apr-2025, Sunday. Registrations will open on 31-Oct-2024. Your qualification window for the 90k, 60k & 30k categories starts from 1-Jul-2024 onwards. KaysFIT Academy pledges Rs. 1,50,000 for building a play park at the Kenthorai Village. The total project cost is approximately 6,00,000; it will be executed with the help of ROTARY OOTACAMUND. OOTYULTRA 2024 results & photographs are now available.

8th Edition, Become #ultramalaivasi

Ambal Auto OOTYULTRA | 6-Apr-25 | SUN

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Dear OOTYULTRA runner,
OOTYULTRA is a tough road run and offers various challenges and medical risks to the participating runners. We are bound by the guidelines and restrictions surrounding this event by the police and local administrators. Our primary goal is to provide the most memorable, safe, and beautiful ultramarathon experience for all runners across all age groups.
We, therefore, request every runner to carefully follow and understand the event rules, medical warnings and risks, and the terms and conditions for your memorable experience, comfort, and safety.
On behalf of the OOTYULTRA team, we request your cooperation in making OOTYULTRA a safe, memorable, and beautiful experience for everyone.
In case of any event day issues, the decision taken by the race director will be final, and you agree to cooperate with the crew and volunteers to serve us one of the best racing experiences.
Kannan Sundararajan (Coach Kay), Race Director

Event rules, terms and conditions for the 8th edition of OOTYULTRA 2025

Race CategoryQualification Terms
90k (more info..)
  • On an invitation-only basis
60k (more info..)
  • Must be 18 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2006)
  • Must be physically/medically fit and healthy
  • Must have completed an official Full Marathon within 5 hrs 50 mins or an Ultramarathon (50+ km) completion after 1-Jul-2023
  • Your race category will automatically change to 15k on 6-Mar-2024 if we do not receive your qualification race information
30k (more info..)
  • Must be 18 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2006)
  • Must be physically/medically fit and healthy.
  • Must have completed an official Half Marathon within 3 hrs or a Full Marathon after 1-Jul-2023
15k (more info..)
  • Must be 16 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2008)
  • Must be physically/medically fit and healthy
  • Must be capable of running a 10k distance minimum
  • The Qualification Window (QW) is a period within which all 30k, 60k & 90k runners must submit their qualification race records.  The QW for the 7th edition of OOTYULTRA ends on 28-Feb-2024.
  • Please write to info@ootyultra.com if you need more information
  • The Ticket Transfer Window (TTW) is a period during which you can transfer your ticket to another qualified runner identified by you in any category (subject to meeting the qualification requirements). In addition, you can correct your personal information and upgrade or downgrade your race category. Transfers and corrections of your ticket will be allowed only if the tickets are purchased before 28 February 2024. 
  • The TTW ends on 05-Mar-2025 
  • Charity Tickets are non-transferable, and no changes will be allowed
  • We may allow transfers, upgrades, and downgrades after the TTW with a change fee.  
  • Any changes made after the TTW that affect the custom finisher medal.  The finisher medal will be sent after 10 May, provided the runner completes the chosen distance category within the stipulated cut-off time.
  • Please write to info@ootyultra.com if you need more information

Suppose you haven’t participated in any official races. In that case, we may allow you to consider your entry based on your running history and a self-supported qualification run recorded on a valid GPS device with your Heart Rate captured.

  • Email info@ootyultra.com with links to your Strava or Garmin online profile and the following qualification run history.
    • You must submit a link to your running record, with all the km-by-km splits and your Heart Rate information, to a half marathon distance (21.097 km) completed within 3 hrs to qualify for OOTYULTRA 30k.
    • You must submit a link to your running record, with all the km-by-km splits and your Heart Rate information, to a (minimum) full-marathon distance (42.2 km) completed within 5 hrs 50 min to qualify for OOTYULTRA 60k.
  • Your qualification run must have been completed after 1 Jul
  • We may consider giving you entry if your records are satisfactory.  You will have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 300 + 18% GST for the manual review efforts if we agree to provide you with an entry.
  • We suggest you submit the manual review application and receive our confirmation before you buy the entry ticket.

Your race category will be automatically downgraded to 15k without any refund if you do not qualify.

The OOTYULTRA is a road race that follows Gun Time, which means the race time will start ticking after the official start of your race category.

DistanceCut off time
Distance15k30k60k80k90k – finish
Time from the start2:00:00*4:10:00*8:45:0010:50:0012:00:00

* Suggested time to target – official cut-off starts from 60k onwards

Time from the startNo cut-off


Time from the startNo cut-off5:30:00
15kThe 15k category will have no time limit or cut-off time, and all the finishers will get their finisher medal. However, the last mobile aid station located at the 12k mark will be operational only 3 hours from the race start.
  • All the 90k, 60k & 30k runners found to be on the course after the cut-off will be declared as Did Not Finish (DNF) and swept away by the race crew in a sweeper vehicle.
  • All the 90k, 60k & 30k reaching the finish line after the cut-off timing or reaching the finish line in an ambulance, a sweeper vehicle, or any other means of transportation will not be eligible to get the finisher medal.
  • All the DNF runners are not eligible to receive the finisher medal and timing certificate.

You must participate only in your registered category to earn your custom finisher medal.

  • All 90k runners must cross all the timing mats at the start, 30k, and 60k, and finish and complete this within the specified cut-off time.
  • All 60k runners must cross all the timing mats at the start, 15k, 30k, and finish and complete this within the specified cut-off time.
  • All 30k runners must cross all the timing mats at the start, 15k, and finish within the specified cut-off time.
  • A 15k runner must cross all the timing mats at the start & the finish.

Choose the race category carefully; confirmed registrations are non-refundable

  • Your registration fees will attract 18% GST + processing fees by the ticketing platform
  • You understand and agree that your entry ticket is non-refundable
  • If you cannot participate, your entry will be marked as DNS (did not start). No refund of any form will be given
  • Fill out the registration form fields accurately to help us identify and reach out to you if necessary.
  • Discounted tickets are available to individuals in the Nilgiris district through this special category. Only those with permanent or primary residences within the Nilgiris district can utilize this privilege. The valid residence proofs accepted are AADHAR, Voter’s ID, Passport, and Ration Card.
  • If we find that you have submitted the wrong qualification records, your entry may be cancelled, or you may be downgraded to a lower-distance category.  No refund will be provided. You will not receive the custom finisher medal. The organizers reserve the right to offer you an entry on race day.
  • Please provide us with a secure email ID/mobile number that you can regularly access since this will be our primary means of communication during the run-up to the event.
  • Users of email services that offer filtering/blocking of messages from an unknown email address should add this email id info@ootyultra.com.
  • You can downgrade your race distance category without additional fees within the TTW.
  • You are allowed to upgrade by paying the difference in the ticket price if you meet the qualification conditions for your desired race category.
  • You can change the ticket categories without additional fees if the changes are done before 28 Feb. 
  • No changes are allowed for Charity Tickets.
  • Transfer of your ticket without a transfer fee will be allowed before the Ticket Transfer Window (see below sections); a transfer fee will be applied after the TTW has ended. For 90k & 60k, the runner receiving the ticket transfer must meet the entry qualification conditions.
  • Email info@ootyultra.com from your registered email address to request a change of race category.

The course is measured using multiple GPS devices with approximate distances. There will be an error in the actual course distance. Please read the individual distance category pages to understand this. No additional time will be awarded and all runners are expected to complete the OOTYULTRA marked course to get a legal finish status.

  • You cannot transfer or sell your BIB to another runner. If you wish to transfer your ticket to another runner, contact info@ootyultra.com.
  • Photo identification – All non-Indian citizens will have to provide a photocopy of the front and back pages of their passport showing their photo identity and details of their passport along with a valid visa before receiving your BIB.
  • The Nilgiris District residents who have claimed a discount must show a government-issued residential identity.
  • All Indian citizens must show a copy of their government-issued ID card for verification before collecting their BIB/race kit.
  • Do not negotiate with the organizers & BIB counter volunteers during the bib collection if you do not have any identification to show.
  • You can authorize another runner to collect your race kit with a T-shirt on your behalf by showing an authorization email sent to info@ootyultra.com (the BIB will not be given).  The race kit 
  • OOTYULTRA race BIB with timing chip will be given only to the registered runners appearing in person and not to the person collecting your race kit.
  • You will wear only the BIB allocated to you with your name. You will not give your BIB to another runner to participate if you are unable to run the OOTYULTRA or unable to run anytime during the race. The race director or the run managers have the right to stop any runners wearing proxy bibs.
  • During the race, you must wear your BIB on the front/chest side and be visible until you complete your run.
  • Cheating or impersonating any other runner in any form will not be allowed.
  • Cutting the course, hitchhiking on motorized or non-motorized vehicles or any transportation are violations of race rules.
  • If found cheating, you will be disqualified from the event, and an announcement with the name will be posted on our website and social media pages. You will also be blacklisted from entering any events organized by KaysFIT Academy in the future.
  • Registering for one category and running the higher category is also considered cheating – your finish timing will not be recognized, and you will be marked DSQ.

You are requested to write to info@ootyultra.com if you would like to bring the Race Directors’ attention to any cheating done by any runners; do include sufficient evidence along with the email with the details of any such incidents.  

You have a 10 mins window to start the race after the official flag-off is complete, and you will not be allowed to begin your race after this grace time. The late starters will not get any additional time. Also, after 10 minutes, the timing mat at the start point will be removed.

You must cross all the timing mats placed at the following locations,

  • 15k runners: Located at the start & the 15k finish point
  • 30k runners: Located at the start, at the 15k & the 30k finish point
  • 60k runners: Located at the start, at the 30k & the 60k finish point
  • 90 runners: Located at the start, at the 30k, at the 60k & the 90k finish point

You will be marked DNF and will not be eligible to receive a finisher medal if you skip any timing mats.

The organizers will have the right to change the start point, endpoint, or race route depending on permission from the local authorities.

You can quit the race anytime due to injury, sickness, fatigue, or for reasons not listed here. Your health and safety are essential and critical. You are requested not to feel shy to approach our race director, run managers, medical and security team members, or the lead volunteers in the aid stations in case of any support. You will be marked DNF.

  • The provisional results SMS will be sent one day after the race day | to receive it, you should not have enabled the DND service
  • The provisional results on timing services company will be shared within 2 days of the race
  • The final results with your finisher certificate will be available for you to download within 10 days of the race day

Runners achieving podium position (1st place, 2nd place or 3rd place) in each distance category or setting a course record MUST submit their GPS device statistics to info@ootyultra.com for the race technical team to review and accept them as course records. Only such records will be published on the “#ultramalaivasi hall of fame”& the results summary page before 30-Apr.

For the 7th edition of OOTYULTRA, on an experimental basis, we have introduced OPEN and Above 45 yrs (on the race day) finishers categories  and we may announce a special souvenir medal for those who are finishing the top 3 positions in these categories.  Please note on the race day we may identify the winners based on the provisional results only.  Kindly wait for the final / official announcements once we finalize the race finish data which may take upto 10 days after the completion of the OOTYULTRA.

  • Respect other runners and the race volunteers, and do not enter into any quarrel or dispute with anyone on the course. If there are issues, you are expected to report the matter to the run managers or the race director.
  • Dress appropriately, and no nudity / partial nudity is allowed.
  • Do not run under the influence of severe medications, drugs, narcotics, or other banned substances. Drinking alcohol is not allowed during the event.
  • We will send regular updates to the registered email address you provided while completing your registration. If your email system inadvertently treats these updates as spam, you shall not act against the organizers or service providers.
  • Any notice sent to the email address registered with the organizers shall be deemed as received by the runners.
  • You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the organizers from time to time in the best interest of your health and event safety.
  • You also agree to stop running if instructed by the Race Director, run managers, and the Medical Staff for any reasons not described or announced before. Please note the race must abide by the rules set by the local administration, authorities, and police team.
  • Considering the operational reasons, safety and health of the runners, you will not be allowed to stay on the course beyond the cut-off time. You will be taken to the finish line in rescue vehicles and considered a DNF.
  • Should you decide to quit during the race, you are encouraged to reach the nearest aid station and are expected to wait for the recovery vehicle to come and pick you up.

The event venue may be changed, the route altered or even canceled or postponed for reasons beyond the organizer’s control due to force majeure or restrictions by the government authority.  Your entry ticket is non-refundable.

Understand the Physical Activities Readiness Questionnaire by following this link –> PAR-Q

OOTYULTRA is a road run, and there will be light vehicular traffic throughout the course. OOTY is in the forest area, and wild animals, including Wild Guars, may be present, and you may encounter stray dogs. Do not attempt to provocate the animals or go near them on the pretext of taking pictures or selfies. You are expected to run in the company of other runners and follow the safety guidelines published by the race director. You are aware of the dangers and take full responsibility for being safe.

You know that running/long-distance running is an extreme sport and can be dangerous to the body and health. You take full responsibility for participating in the OOTYULTRA event and do not hold the organizing committee or any of its members or entities responsible for any injury or accident.

  • You shall consult your physician and undergo a complete medical examination to assess your suitability to participate in the event.
  • You also assume all risks associated with participating in this event, including, but not limited to, falls & fractures and colliding with other runners or pedestrians on the road. You may also get affected by cold/changing weather conditions, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the poor state of the streets, arson or terrorist threats, and all other risks associated with a public event. You are aware that you may experience some of the most common conditions like simple to severe muscle cramps, dehydration, and or hypoglycemia.
  • Severe medical conditions such as cardiac arrest (or Sudden Cardiac Arrest, SCD) or brain stroke are rare. Still, they are considered possible emergencies that may occur in an endurance event, and you are aware of its consequences.
  • Our team of volunteers / first responders and the medical crew will provide you with first-aid and basic life support. Our team will take the victims to the nearest available hospital for advanced medical support in a medical emergency. The nearest hospital is located in Ooty, 8 km from the finish point and 30 km from the farthest part of the running venue.
  • If you are a minor running the OOTYULTRA, you must always be accompanied by one of your parents or the designated guardian. You must never run alone on the OOTYULTRA course.

I agree that OOTYULTRA shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness, or injury resulting from my participation in OOTYULTRA.

I confirm that, in the event of adverse weather conditions, major incidents, or threats on the day, pandemic, and the force majeure or restriction by authority, the organizers reserve the right to stop or cancel, or even postpone the event to a suitable future date convenient for organizing the event in OOTY.

I’m aware that my entry ticket is non-refundable.

I acknowledge and agree that my personal information, including the event day photos and images, will be stored and used by OOTYULTRA, KaysFIT Academy, or any other company in connection with the organization, promotion, and administration of the event & compilation of statistical information.

I understand that Ultra Running is a potentially dangerous activity which demands high physical and mental abilities from me. I agree to participate in my responsibility and of my own accord.

I acknowledge that for the organizers to accept my request to participate in this event, I agree to all the conditions listed in this page/waiver document. I further acknowledge that neither members of the organization nor other event participants are responsible for my safety.

I agree to accompany my minor son or daughter running the OOTYULTRA or assign a guardian (>18 years old) to accompany him/her.

Understanding the risk assumption, I willingly and voluntarily participate in the event and, hereby, agree to assume and accept any risks of injury or death. I hereby release the organizers from any responsibility.

I hereby consent to receive medical treatment, which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during the event. If I should suffer injury or illness, I authorize the organizers, its officers, agents, employees, interns, volunteers, representatives, sponsors, and all others associated with the Organization to use their discretion to administer first-aid and transportation to a medical facility at my responsibility and cost.

I agree to assume all injury and life-threatening risks that may occur while I am en route to and from the activity locations and while involved in the event, whether or not under the direct supervision of the organizers and its officers, agents, employees, interns, volunteers, representatives, sponsors, and all others associated with the organization.

I acknowledge that the organizers do not carry any liability, accident, or health insurance responsibility for the runner.

I hereby acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment during the event, even when the organizer’s staff and associates transport those items.

I agree to release the organizers, its officers, agents, employees, interns, volunteers, representatives, sponsors, and all others associated with the organizers from any liability and do not hold them accountable for any property damage or personal injury to any third party that may result from my activities and participation in the event.

I agree that this release shall be effective immediately upon my ticket registration, binding upon the undersigned, and extends to my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, personal representatives, and assigns.

By my signature below, I warrant that,

  • I have read and understood the event rules, medical warning & risks, terms & conditions, and all its provisions.
  • I understand the risks associated with participation in the event
  • I assume all risks and full responsibility that may occur by participating in the event
  • Hereby knowingly and intentionally release the organizers, its officers, agents, employees, interns, volunteers, representatives, sponsors, and all other parties involved from any claims, demands, injuries, actions (including third-party claims), and damage of any kind, including from nature, that may arise out of, or in connection with, participating in the organizers, regardless of whether such claims are based upon negligence or other grounds.
  • I am of the full age of 18 years old.
  • Speak and understand English, and understand and follow the rules, terms & conditions, and the medical warnings

Signed by the runner (YOUR FIRST NAME, LAST NAME)

in partnership with Tamil Nadu Tourism