We welcome Ambal Auto as our Title Sponsor, OOTYULTRA will be driven by Ambal Auto. The 7th edition of OOTYULTRA will be held on 31-Mar-2024, Sunday. Registrations are open. Your qualification window for the 90k, 60k & 30k categories starts from 1-Jul-2023 onwards KaysFIT Academy pledges Rs. 1,00,000 for building a play park at the Kenthorai Village - the total project cost is approximately 6,00,000; it will be executed with the help of ROTARY OOTACAMUND

7th Edition, Become #ultramalaivasi

Ambal Auto OOTYULTRA | 31-Mar-24 | SUN


“OOTYULTRA originally started as a training run for a few aspiring Comrades marathon runners and was eventually shaped and crafted to be the most beautiful ultramarathon that provides a challenging yet memorable racing experience to several aspiring runners (whom I call affectionately the #ultramalaivasi’s) worldwide. 

Since its first edition, OOTYULTRA has grown in multiple folds. It is one of India’s most sought-after, challenging ultramarathon races in the most enchanting Blue Mountains of The Nilgiris. OOTYULTRA will strive to provide a ‘wow’ experience to the runners while offering the best value for the association to sponsors & partners.”

Coach Kay,

M.Sc in Sports Performance High-Performance Endurance Coach | ACE Personal Trainer | UESCA Ultrarunning Coach | Founder & Race Director OOTYULTRA | Bison Ultra

in partnership with Tamil Nadu Tourism