We welcome Ambal Auto as our Title Sponsor. OOTYULTRA will be driven by Ambal Auto. The 8th edition of OOTYULTRA will be held on 6-Apr-2025, Sunday. Registrations will open on 31-Oct-2024. Your qualification window for the 90k, 60k & 30k categories starts from 1-Jul-2024 onwards. KaysFIT Academy pledges Rs. 1,50,000 for building a play park at the Kenthorai Village. The total project cost is approximately 6,00,000; it will be executed with the help of ROTARY OOTACAMUND. OOTYULTRA 2024 results & photographs are now available.

8th Edition, Become #ultramalaivasi

Ambal Auto OOTYULTRA | 6-Apr-25 | SUN

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I’m incredibly thrilled to introduce our second 90k runner of GavaTeaOotyultra 2020, Sathish Kumar, popularly known as Deca Sathish.

OOTYULTRA 2020 will feature a brand new 90k category with ~3800 m elevation gain and ~3620 m elevation drop and comes with a 12 hr cut-off time.

Deca Sathish is from Chennai and is a Team Falco sponsored athlete. Sathish is also part of the Chennai Chrompet Cheetahs running club.

Sathish is working as an executive in the ICICI Bank loan department. Amidst his busy work schedule, Sathish makes it a point to train every single day, both in the morning and in the evening.

Sathish started running in 2015, and initially, he ran several 10k road races. He then progressed onto doing multiple Half and Full Marathons. Over the last two years, Sathish has been fascinated and has been running many ultramarathons with immense determination and focus on getting selected into the Indian Ultra Running team to represent India in the Ultra Races held Worldwide.

Come and join me in wishing Deca Sathish a fabulous and memorable 90k #ultramalaivasi experience on the 5-Apr-2020.

Sathish has an incredible list of running achievements & records, Podium Finishes:

  • 100 KM Stadium Run – New Delhi – Second Position – 10:37:00
  • 12 Hours Stadium Run – Mumbai – Second Position – Covered 103 Kms
  • Multiple podiums in Half Marathon and 10KM road races
  • 90km Vagamon 2020, 13hours 21 min
  • 80KM Malnad Ultra 2018 – 9:37:00* 110KM Malnad Ultra 2019
  • Tuffman 100KM Stadium Run 2019 – Chandigarh
  • 42KM Epic Trail 2019 – Pune
  • 53KM SRT Ultra 2019 – Pune
  • 50 KM Ultra 2019 – Bangalore
  • 50KM Javadhu Ultra – 2016 & 2017
  • 42 KM Chennai Trail Marathon 2016 Full Marathons:
  • Personal best run at the Chennai Marathon 2020 3:13:32

Photo courtesy: Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, shared by Sathish Kumar

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